Black Women and Natural Hair: Trend or Hair to Stay?

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As women, hair is super important. (Who wants a bad hair day amirite, ladies?) But as black women, our  hair is way more politicized.

There is something to be said about a woman who walks confidently down the street with a huge curly fro versus the woman who wears her hair “fried, dyed, and laid to the side,” which refers to boring, over processed, and damaged hair.

That’s not to throw shade at black women who chemically straighten their hair, it’s to draw attention to the ways in which our identities, like it or not, are tied to the way we wear our hair.

For instance, when my hair is out in a huge curly fro or in some other natural hair style like braids or twists, suddenly it’s not “excuse me, miss,” it’s “excuse me, sister.” And when I’m walking down the street in one of these styles, I’m…

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2 thoughts on “Black Women and Natural Hair: Trend or Hair to Stay?

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