Top 5 Rules to Natural Hair Care

Totally agree! #5 especially.

Natural DRoc

Aviary Photo_130285934060212875        Aviary Photo_130216935277003117

[5] No Stress No Mess: No Stress refers to excessive combing/brushing, blow drying or any other form of heat, or pulling of hair. You should give your hair a BREAK sometimes and let it BREATHE, but please make sure that when you give your hair a break and let it breathe that you are still keeping hair protected and moisturized. A lot of combing, heat, and tight ponytails/braids add stress to the hair and can damage if used excessively. I am the type that has always liked playing with my hair and this is very hard for me! I realize now that it is only best that I comb when needed. Once you get better at maintaining your hair – you wont have to use a comb to part and even detangle.

[4] Ingredients: Ingredients is actually very important, but sometimes it is often not considered…

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