Let the fro’ flow~ ♥

Singing ***Let your froooooooo flowwwwwwww*** LOL

liatortilla's diary

              So i have natural hair!  I’ve had my hair this way for the past 3 years now and i love it! but not everybody loves it and it bothers me in a way because that means our world is still changing very slowly.   Especially my Father’s side of the family, actually, both sides really.  My Mother’s side of the family is more “beat around the bush type” and will give subtle hints on “controlling the beast” –_–.. My Father’s side is more up front about it, which makes me uncomfortable.  Some of them accept and like it though, which i appreciate.  My immediate family went natural and did the big chop as well, it makes me so happy, even the youngest went natural.  For 11 years of my life relaxer was applied to my head (I’ll get into eurocentic beauty later).  It…

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