So… I got “Carrie Bradshawed”

How many Sex and The City enthusiasts do we have here? Say I!

So remember when Carrie Bradshaw first met Mr. Big? She was walking down the streets of Manhattan after rekindling an old flame of hers, when Mr. Big bumped right into her in the midst of a crowd, accidentally knocking her purse out of her hand.


Condoms come falling out, she turns BRIGHT red, she is mortified… Mr. Big just looks at her and laughs. He begins to help her gather her “belongings”, and they make an instaneous connection. Spark small conversation. And shortly thereafter, they part ways.

No twitter exchange. No Facebook information exchange. No giving out phone numbers… simply a “Hello, its nice to meet you. You are GORGEOUS, I hope to see you again.”

Where do they do that at, right?

Well apparently they do that in Detroit.

I was roaming the streets of Detroit today… Not on purpose. I got a little lost on my way to a networking event Downtown. It was approximately 6:00 pm; Im walking down Woodward avenue in the freezing cold, trying to mind my own business and act like I don’t have spare change when I begin to feel a presence behind. I turn around fairly quickly, and accidentally bump into this “presence.” Guys, I was so scared. I love my city, but c’mon now. It is Detroit.

Turns out it was a man; as expected. But a very nice, tall, business professional handsome man.

His name was James… He began to tell me how beautiful I looked. He took his glove off to shake my hand, and ended up escorting me to my destination, all while asking me all sorts of questions about myself. All I could think is “Okay, when is he going to ask me for my number?” “Watch him ask if he can come in with me” “He’s a nice guy, but I don’t want him to be too forward.”

We reach my destination. Im almost POSITIVE he is going to ask me for my number… My email at least. Im dreading it. And he simply says “Nice to meet you. I really hope to run into you again.”… and we part ways.

Yes. I got Carrie Bradshawed. And I loved every minute.

As women, many times we expect men to be so… forward. And because we are women, we desire the man to chase, which is a beautiful thing. But what does it truly mean for a man to chase? Is he supposed to hunt you down? Is he supposed to be overly aggressive?

Bottom line is… chivalry is not dead. Theres still some pretty nice gentleman out there.

Just some food for thought.

Remember, you are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.” 🙂

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