My Mane choice is HERE!!

Detroit naturalistas, Stand up! Woot woot!!!

The Naturalista & The Hipster

Hello my natural lovlies!! It’s your girl The Naturalista repping for my hometown PROUDLY!! DETROIT!! It’s been a MINUTE since I last posted, and I apologize for that!! I’m a student in school, returning after a 5yr hiatus, so I wanted to put ALL my energy into getting an A out the course! I succeed, back in the swing of thangs! Now let me do the same to this here blog!! OK!!??

Today I will be talking about “The Mane Choice” hair line made by an natural hair icon, who’s also from the “D” COURTNEY!!! Also @CourtneyNaturalHair on IG!! BABBBBBYYYYY!!! Her hang time is to DIE FOR! So long and thick! Wouldn’t you agree??! Anyone, I received my products from her line in the mail today! I can not WAIT to take these box braids out and deep condition my hair with her conditioner, and put a protective style in…

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Interesting Facts About me

So in my last blog post, I mentioned seven interesting facts about me.


Seven Interesting Facts About Me:

1. I have been drinking Starbucks espresso drinks religiously for 3 years.

2. I have been natural for a little under a year.

3. I am a Cancer.

4.  Live in Michigan, but have never been to Canada.

5. Studied theatre in NYC for a year.

6. Have been blogging on wordpress for only 2 weeks.

7. I consider weave to be a protective style: Check out the story,

Heres five more, just because!


1. Im extremely double jointed – I can bend my thumb almost to the point it touches my own wrist.

2. My favorite Natural Hair vlogger is Taren Guy — Check out more facts about her in “My natural hair inspirations” at the top of my page.

3. I am 6% Italian. LOL

4. I studied, and still currently studying Journalism at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Go Warriors!

5. I have a car named Henry.


Thanks ladies! Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.” :)