My wash day!

Happy Saturday, Naturals!

So, I’m about to head out on this Saturday night, but first things first. I had to do my hair. 🙂 Hashtag, Wash Day!

I do currently have a partial sew in in my hair, as a protective style as I like to refer to it as. With a partial sew in, I try to wash and blow dry my hair at least once a week.

So I washed my hair with the Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged hair, and conditioned it with Keratin 2 minute Reconstructor.Like I have stated in previous blogs, I do have heat damage that I am trying to grow out, and these products work PERFECTLY for my 4A type hair.


Love these products. Now, I have to be honest with you, Naturals. After I washed my hair today, I did notice that I have a tad bit of heat damage on my real hair thats been left out to cover my tracks. No bueno. Now, Ive only been using a flat iron on the real part of my hair once a week on wash days, on 320 degrees. Yet, my curl pattern does appear to be looser.


Can you see the looser curl pattern and texture? Man, I miss my curls. I don’t know if Im going to be able to have this weave on my head for too much longer.

Anywhoo, I made sure to dry my hair with a T- shirt as opposed to a towel ( highly recommended as well; when you towel dry your hair, your hair is more prone to break off because of the cotton) and prepped my hair for the heat with the Garnier Fructis Style Flat Iron Protector Straightening mist, infused with Argan Oil. Highly recommended for the Naturals who want to try the straight look every once in a while!



One thats done, its time for the blow drying process. With my sew in installed, this process doesn’t take long. The only tip I would give is to MAKE SURE your scalp is fully dry, especially with a sew in. If the braids underneath are not completely dry, not only will that affect the over look and style of your weave, but it could cause MILDEW. Gross.

Alright, Naturals and bloggers! Here is the final look.




Shout out to my crown – area growth! 3 months ago, My crown – area used to stretch only to the middle of my forehead. Nice to see some growth.

Alright naturals, Im out! Share your thoughts and comments below. Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully, and “Beautifully mane.”


10 thoughts on “My wash day!

  1. Aphogee products are great!! I use them a lot during my transitioning stages and in the when I first did my big chop! As fas as your heat damage, don’t fret! Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque it he’s with dry damaged hair. It won’t completely snap your curls back but it will strengthen your strands. Trimming helps a lot too! Your final look came out great!

    XO Jas Cheri

    • Thanks! Girl, this weave business is getting OLD. The struggle is real. I might take it out in a week or so, and I will deff have to try Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque. It has gotten tons of reviews; I have heard many good things.

      Hopefully my curls will bounce back in no time!

      With kinks,


      • You’re welcome and I hear you I can sometimes which is exactly why its weave! Lol Versatility is everything! The masquerade works wonders, especially with providing moisture to dry hair. Its been my savior this season and coconut oil. They’ll bounce back 🙂

        Jas Cheri

  2. Wash days! A process! (LOL) For the heat, since you use it about once a week maybe try lower heat or if no heat at all change the style (pull backs maybe?) and use some non-flaking gel like Ampro styling gel with honey for your edges. I have a mixture of textures but the top of my head is more 4b, the gel along with a small boar bristle brush gives a smooth straight finish.

    Another option is roller setting, you can use Lotta Body.

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