But, I love you…


How many of us ladies have ever been in a relationship, or really like somebody and the “I need you” or “I can’t live without you” nonsense starts popping in your head?

That was me these past couple of weeks. I recently reconnected with an ex, someone I would consider my “first love.” We reconnect, begin talking all over again, spend countless nights talking on the phone reminiscing over times we walked through Times Square and roamed NYC ( I used to attend theatre school in NYC, thats where I met him), shared old laughs and I began to just… miss him. I really missed him.

Little did I know that he was newly single ( he was previously engaged ), and it made me desire to explore things further. Without going into too much detail, we ended things, or what was becoming a “thing” this past weekend. Big argument, tears, anger… and just, done.

And those thoughts came racing back to my mind AGAIN… “But, I love him. How am I supposed to move on?” “I thought he was the one.” “I can’t live without him” “I need him.”

But Lizz, hold up… Weren’t you doing JUST FINE before you reconnected? In fact, you were doing better! You were living. Smiling. Laughing.

Lizz… You were LIVING. And you were living good.

Just something I wanted to share with my fellow Natural Hair/Lifestyle bloggers here, particularly women. Life is a funny thing. You think you can’t live without someone, or you really need someone… until you start LIVING. And you realize, you’re okay. You’re gonna be okay.

“The only people who rush love are the ones who don’t trust it.” Hill Sr., Rob (2012-05-22). For Single People Who Still Understand The Value of Relationships.

Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”

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