3 Common Myths about Conditioning

The Life of a Leo

Hey yall!

I’m on the lookout for a perfect deep conditioner, I’d figured I share some common myths about conditioning.

This article comes from one of my favorite blogs, Black Girl Long Hair (BGLH).


In their weekly show the Beauty Brains broke down virtually everything you need to know about conditioner and how it works. Read on to find out how you can cut through the marketing hype to get to the products that you really need.

Rinse off vs Leave on Conditioners

Many natural oils and other simple ingredients can do a good job of conditioning when left on your hair. But rinse off conditioners need special ingredients that are designed to stick to hair after rinsing.

Beware of marketing spin

Deep conditioners, hair masks, 3 minute miracles, Beauty Balms, are all essentially the same thing. BTW rinse off conditioners were originally called “cream rinse” because they were emulsions.


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