Black Women: How Loving “Your” Hair Can Attract A Man!

LOVE THIS. Amazing!

There’s nothing like a beautiful black woman! Her full lips, her curvaceous body, her attitude, and let’s not forget… her hair! A woman’s hair is her “crown”… it is the order in which a man begins to assess her character, her personality, and her value. Oh there’s much more to hair than just fibers; a man can tell a lot about a woman simply by looking at what she does with her hair or the lack thereof. There’s an abundance of things a black woman can do with her hair; she can cut it all off, braid it up, shave the sides, rock an afro, wear a Mohawk, straighten it out, curl it up, the possibilities are endless!

Oh how beautiful it is to watch your lady taking good care of herself, washing her hair, patting it down with a towel, nurturing it, styling it, and being proud of what she’s accomplished…

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