“Girl, My Hair Can’t Do That!”- Natural Hair Biases


How many times have you had a friend or someone leave a comment on a picture saying “My hair would never do that?” or “My hair is too kinky or nappy”?  Better yet, how many naturals do you know who wouldn’t follow a particular person because of their hair texture?

I know for sure I’ve gotten the “Girl, my hair can’t do that!” too often. Whether it be from friends or just random strangers who see my hair. When I do hear those words I just CRINGE. Its like ignorance to me! We have too many examples on social media saying “YES! YOUR hair CAN do that!”. No matter the texture or length you can accomplish what YOU want with YOUR hair. I don’t want to hear “Oh, you have good hair” or “Your mixed so you don’t know the struggle”. I know of a lot of naturals who are…

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