Over the past couple of days

Happy Thursday, naturalista’s! How has your week been so far? Good I hope. Its almost the weekend, so hang in there. One more day. 🙂

This is going to be kind of a random post. Just wanted to share a few photos with you ladies of my past couple of days.

So, anyone who knows me or follows me knows I am the biggest advocate for two things:

1. Jesus

2. Natural Hair 

3. Inspiration Quotes

Im a pretty simple chick. 😉 Last week I went to a ball game in Downtown Detroit, in which I came across the most beautiful graffiti.


I was so inspired. Had to take a picture. What do you think?

Then the other day, I got a Starbucks and you know how Oprah Winfrey is doing a campaign now with the chai tea? (What doesn’t she do? Or own? I swear lol) and it just really inspired me.


“Live from the heart of yourself. Learn to be whole, not perfect.” – Oprah Winfrey. I have to say, this quote really got me through this week. I have been super stressed out lately, just with my job, finances, relationships and the fact that I always strive for perfection has been hindering me in those three areas. Reading this quote and allowing it to resonate was really impactful. Its just awesome how God works sometimes, even through something as simple as this.

Thanks, guys! This was kind of a random post. Share your comments and thoughts below! What are some of your favorite quotes, scriptures? What has been getting you through your week?

Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”

photo 2 (1)


So excited to be mentioned on blackgirllonghair.com!

Happy Friday, Naturals!

So I have been mentioned by Klassy Kinks on blackgirllonghair.com regarding the topic of feeling the need to compensate for being natural.

How awesome is that? Im so excited I can’t even focus on my work right now…shh, don’t tell my boss. 😉


Check out the post on the link below and make sure to subscribe to my page for more natural hair topics and tutorials. Love yall!


Always remember: You are fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”

Ive been featured on blackgirllonghair.com!

Ive been featured on blackgirllonghair.com!

Wow…this is CRAZY AWESOME! Klassy Kinks was motivated to talk about feeling the need to compensate for being natural by watching my video on YouTube, and now its been featured on blackgirllonghair.com. Support I have been receiving is amazing! Thank you naturals so much. Check out the post, share your comments and subscribe to Klassy Kinks page ASAP…she is a rockstar!

Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”