My wash regimen!

My alarms rings. Its 10:00 am, on a Saturday. I went out last night, I am tired and groggy. I worked a long 40 hour week, and not to mention had life obligations in between. I am EXHAUSTED. But hey, this hair ain’t gonna wash itself, right?

2014-04-24 18.08.36


Yeah, my hair is looking all types of cray. Gotta get to it!

Now, my wash regimen is fairly simple. I am a 4a to 4b curl type, with short – medium length hair. I have shrinkage, but I would say its about 60%. I know alot of natural’s with serious shrinkage, like 85% to 90% perfect, but mine is not that severe. Shout out to the shrinkage curly girls though! Yall rock!

Now before I shampoo, I make sure I always pre-poo. (you can check out my post “To pre-poo or not to pre-poo” here where I give my tips on how to effectively condition your hair before shampooing:

I typically use three products: Trader Joe’s Aloe Vera gel, olive oil or coconut oil as a sealant and my favorite leave in conditioner: Cantu Shea Butter leave in repair deep conditioner.



I start with the aloe vera gel first. Aloe Vera gel is great because it has both emollient and moisturizing properties, meaning that it smoothes the cuticle surface and also attracts and seals in moisture. Its like, 3 bucks at Trader Joe’s and it works like a charm. There are some naturalista’s out there who SWEAR by using this gel as a styling product, but it honestly just depends on how strong of a hold you would like for your curls.

Aloe Vera gel can also provide mild hold, but if you are looking for more of a SIGNIFICANT curl retention based on application, aloe vera gel might not be the best way to go. Great product, though! I follow up with olive oil, making sure its extra virgin, and apply it to my strands and then apply one of my favorite products, the Cantu Shea Butter leave in deep conditioner.


Love this stuff.

Now I do not section my hair when pre-pooing; simply because you are going to rinse out your mixture and detangle anyway. Might as well make it easy, right? 🙂

I hop in the shower with the mixture in my hair, and begin to rinse. I rinse the mixture out with lukewarm water, simply because I do not want to remove the moisture I just put into my hair. I shampooed my hair using Shea Moisture’s Curl and Shine Shampoo.

2014-04-24 18.10.23

This shampoo is great. It suds a bit, yet does not leave my hair feeling dry or brittle at all. It felt very moisturized. This shampoo is designed for naturals with thick, curly hair and its amazing! Its main ingredients are coconut oil, silk protein and neem oil and works greatly to:

  • Anti-Frizz, Moisture & Shine
  • Natural & Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Sulfate Free & Color Safe

After I washed and gave myself a nice scalp massage, I rinsed my hair with lukewarm water.

2014-04-24 18.57.37


All rinsed out! Now time to section my hair and detangle. I separated my hair into six big sections, applied more of the Cantu Shea Butter leave in and detangled with a paddle brush. The process is fairly simple; there are a few tricks you can use to get the most out of your detangling session. Which, in turn, will require another post. LOL, Ill get to that this weekend for you guys. 🙂

2014-04-24 18.59.19

2014-04-24 19.25.22

2014-04-24 19.24.00

Much better. Haha.

After I am all shampooed, conditioned, rinsed out and detangled, I diffuse my hair. I decided to diffuse since I wanted to wear a wash and go, but I don’t really like to air dry. Its all about preference in this case; diffusing saves me alot of time, since it only takes about 15 minutes. I typically diffuse on a cool heat setting, and a low speed so I am not putting too much pressure or heat on my hair. Wanna always be safe. After I diffuse, depending on how big I want to wear my hair, I will use a pick accordingly. This day I just wanted to keep it simple, curly and cute.

Here are the results! Had a coffee date in Downtown Royal Oak this weekend, paired with some shopping. Good times!

2014-04-26 13.25.04

2014-04-26 13.25.16


Wash regimens are never easy things to master. It takes alot of time, patience and you have to really listen to your hair. I like to say that our hair talks to us. We have a relationship with it. It will let us know whether or not a product is too harsh, or we should stray away from certain ingredients or hard water. Now, it will still do its own thing! We don’t have too much control, especially when it comes to shrinkage. But as long as we get to know our hair, and cater to it and take care of it, it will be all good. 🙂

2014-04-26 13.57.42

What is your wash routine, ladies? How do you like to wear your wash and gos, or do you prefer twist outs and bantu knots? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”

Is my natural hair pretty enough?


Does wearing our hair in its natural state come with insecurities? Does it make us feel less than a woman, or too bold? Do we like wearing it? Do we feel comfortable and CONFIDENT wearing it, whether its in a twist out or a massive fro’? Do we care if our man likes it? If our job likes it?

Whats the deal with all this… hair?

I was on a double date a couple weeks ago with a good friend of mine and her boyfriend, and the topic of natural hair came up. Now, my friend and I are both naturalista’s and loving it, so of course when the boys decided to bring this up, our antenna’s went up. “You know, I just think Natural Hair looks very… natural. Sometimes it can look unkept” says her boyfriend. Humph.

“Yes, I met Lizz when she had her hair straight. Thats how she got me.” said my date. Humphhhhhh.

Now, they of course were being super playful… but you know how the saying goes. Theres always a little bit of truth to every “JK.”

No honestly…My friend and I of course laughed it off. Guys were just being guys, being silly. No big deal. But the question popped into my head of, not only do guys REALLY like natural hair, but is my natural hair pretty enough? Is it curly enough? Is it beautiful enough?

2014-04-24 15.19.08


(my three day old wash and go) – kinks and all! 😉

I think as naturals, its “natural” for us to desire another hair type, or curl type or pattern. For me, when I first started my natural hair journey, I wanted to be a 3c curl type so bad. I adored the loose curls and perfectly defined coils that I thought every natural just HAD to have. I didn’t understand why, when I would do my wash and go’s, they didn’t look very curly, or why my curl pattern would be different in different parts of my hair.

I thought every single strand, curl and coil on my head had to be perfect.

I didn’t understand why, when I used certain hair products that were supposed to have “strong hold” or give me “perfect curls”, that I wasn’t looking like these curly girls. And the answer was simple… their hair is not my hair. And my hair is not theirs.

2014-04-24 19.31.04

2014-04-26 13.25.16


Me this past weekend on my wash day! Tried some new products. Will do a wash regimen post later this week. 🙂

Wearing your hair in its natural state isn’t some new phenomenon, or a “new” way to wear your hair. Its how you were born. You don’t “go natural”… you “return” to natural.

Every journey, regardless of what type of journey whether it has to do with weight loss, or overall improving your performance at a certain task or lifestyle, will include ups and downs. It will include kinks, that you may have to work out (excuse the pun) and insecurities and differences you have to overcome. But thats what makes it a journey. And a beautiful one at that.

This post is not some step by step method to overcoming insecurities, or how to make your natural hair prettier… but just to give us some encouragement and inspiration! STOP TRYING TO MAKE YOUR HAIR LOOK LIKE EVERYONE ELSES. Trust me, there is no product out there that will do such. Your hair is your hair, and for that reason, you should love it and love yourself.

What do you love about your natural hair? What makes it stand out, and set apart from other naturalista’s?

Share your thoughts and comments below!

Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”


Did you know that exercise stimulates hair growth?

Did you know that exercise stimulates hair growth?

Today marks the third day of me working out! Waist band and all. Tryna get that hourglass figure.

I think I am getting the hang of it. 😉 And yes, ladies! Exercise, paired with tons of water and eating right truly promotes hair growth.

Sweat is your body’s natural moisturizer, therefore your natural hair benefits from a good 30 minute workout at least three times a week.

Im on my way to healthy body and hair! Share your thoughts and comments below.

My curls are so fluffy today!

My curls are so fluffy today!

Hey naturalista’s!

Last night I did a bantu knot, styled it with a very creamy styling product and my curls came out so fluffy and fun. I am loving them today.

What do you think? Share your thoughts and comments below!

Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”

Ive been featured on!

Ive been featured on!

Wow…this is CRAZY AWESOME! Klassy Kinks was motivated to talk about feeling the need to compensate for being natural by watching my video on YouTube, and now its been featured on Support I have been receiving is amazing! Thank you naturals so much. Check out the post, share your comments and subscribe to Klassy Kinks page ASAP…she is a rockstar!

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How to achieve the BEST bantu knot out in 5 easy steps!


Happy nap day, Naturals! 🙂 

So…I had a dilemma last Friday.

Last Friday I had a big wedding to attend that I was super excited about, right. Now, all last week I was in a wash and go mood. Like, every single day last week I was wearing wash and gos and two day old wash and gos, which I never do. Then Thursday night rolls around and it hits me…wait, I can’t wear a wash and go to a wedding!

I nearly panicked. Am I out of my mind? What am I gonna do to my hair in such little time?

We all know that, whether you are just starting to wear your natural hair heat free or are currently transitioning, the most popular go to style is the bantu knot out. A bantu knot out is a hairstyle created by sectioning the hair into Bantu Knots on damp, wet, or dry hair and then after it dries, the knots are taken out in order to achieve defined curly hair. 

Since this was a formal event, I knew I needed a style that had a little more definition as opposed to a more carefree look. I chose to go with going for a bantu knot out on completely dry, blown out hair, using very little styling product. I was so nervous beforehand, seeing that I have never tried to style my hair this way. But it actually came out pretty good! 


Heres how I achieved my bantu knot out on dry hair:

1. Start out with freshly washed and blown out hair.

Before I wash my hair, I make sure to always pre poo. Since I am a certified 4a type natural, heavy oils and butters work WONDERS for my hair. I used Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner and unrefined virgin coconut oil as my pre poo treatment, and let it sit on my hair for about 10 minutes, or until the product was completely saturated into my hair. This prevents breakage from happening during detangling, and helps your hair retain the moisture that tends to be lost when shampooing. I use trader joe’s tea tree tingle shampoo as my shampoo of choice, followed by Pantene Natural’s deep conditioner and deep conditioned my hair for 30 minutes under a plastic cap.

After the conditioner is rinsed out, I proceeded to section my hair into four sections and begin the blow drying process.

Quick Tip on blow drying: always use a concentration nozzle. The concentration nozzle helps control the heat that is coming from the blow dryer in order to dry your hair faster, and to stretch your hair more. 😉

2. Divide hair into four big sections.

Sectioning your hair is important if you want to achieve very defined curls. You can section your hair with hair ties ( recommended for shorter hair ), or hair clips. 

It’s recommended that you first divide the hair at the back of your head (as if you were going to put your hair into pigtails) then start at the bottom. You simply gather the bottom part of your hair, then take the rest of the hair and either keep it whole or split it into two even pieces, then clip or tie them up.

3. Begin to knot

Creating a bantu knot is very simple! For this style, I chose to do about 20 knots total on my head, five in each section that I separated on my head. Simply twist the hair in efforts create a long spiral, then wrap the spiral around itself to make a circle and secure with a bobby pin, or tuck the end of the hair into the knot so it won’t come apart. I used a thumb size amount of styling product for each knot before twisting ( not too much because you don’t want your texture to revert ). Repeat until you have the amount of knots desired for your style.

4. Wrap your hair and go to sleep!

I wrapped my hair with saran wrap to secure the moisture, and tied it up with a silk scarf. Off to bed and to unravel in the morning!

5. Remove the knots

In order to remove your knots and achieve your desired style, you are going to want to remove the bobby pins, and unscrew the Bantu Knots like your unscrewing a cap. You want to twist them in the opposite direction that you twisted to secure them, and once they are all removed, simply separate. Once they are all separated, your hair may look a little flat. You can use a pick to pick out the roots and achieve more of a full look for this style, and get your hair lookin’ FLY! 

Here are some close ups of the results: 





😉 Im crazy, yall.

What do we think? What method do you use in order to achieve a bangin’ bantu knot out? Share your thoughts and comments below!

Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”