Why is my natural hair SO DRY?


*sigh*. Hate to break it to you naturals, but kinky, coily, natural African American hair is dry. Yes, I said it. ITS DRY. Oh yes it is.

There are no remedies, product, texturizers, prayer (maybe ;)) that can stop your hair from being dry. That is just the nature of our hair, thats how it is. It needs moisture. It craves it. Just like our bodies need to be replenished everyday, so does our hair.

Today the never ending question raced through our mind: Why is natural hair SO DARN DRY? I mean, come on! You drink water, you replenish your hair everyday, you re-twist your hair every night… and for some reason, it is still SO DARN DRY.

How do we retain moisture for our natural hair? Whats the secret? IS THERE A SECRET? Heres what I have to say:

1. The key to moisturizing your hair is simple. Its water.

Water is the ultimate moisturizer. And because our hair has so many curls and kinks — and it’s hard to reach the ends — we need lots of it. Every single day. Its important to start with water when you moisturize. We are all familiar with the LOC method (Liquid – Oil – Cream), which is an EXCELLENT method to use in efforts to retain moisture. Whether you are wearing your natural hair out, or in a protective style, moisturizing your hair with water is super crucial. Consuming it is beneficial for hair growth also! You can never go wrong with water. Plain and Simple.

Aside from water, there is another important key to maintaining moisture is simply 2. STOP TOUCHING YOUR HAIR. Period.


This is something that every natural hair, curly girl struggles with. I struggle with honestly, on the daily. As naturals, we are proud of our hair right? So its only “natural” that we want to play in it, twirl it and have our hands in it every five seconds.

Our hands tend to be the dirtiest place on our body, because of how many things we touch every single day. Think about it. From your computer at work, to the dishes at home, to brushing your teeth, driving your car. Our hands are DIRTY.

Realistically, it is not good for our hair, and makes our naked strands more prone to breakage. Ultimately, it prevents our hair growth which is never good, since thats the main reason natural girls go natural anyway. We want our hair to grow. We want our hair to flourish…we want healthy hair.

So two simple tools to maintaining moisture:  Water and keeping your hands to yourself. Literally. Healthy hair = Happy hair. 🙂


Just my little two cents for today. Share your thoughts and comments below, Naturals! Love ya and stay strong on this journey!

Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”

Do you know your porosity level?


What is hair porosity? Porosity is basically your hairs ability to retain mositure and absorb water and can be measured many different ways. One of the easiest ways you can measure your porosity level at home is by conducting a “Float test.”


1. Simply take a few strands of hair, preferably freshly washed hair, and place the strands in a glass bowl of room temperature water.

2. If the strand/strands sink to the bottom then you have high porosity hair. If the strand/strands float then you have low porosity hair.

So… you know your hair’s porosity level. What next?

Being aware of your hair’s porosity level helps determine not only what products you should use, but it helps you decide what methods of sealing and maintaining moisture you should include in your regimine.


I am going to conduct a porosity test tonight on my hair and make a separate post tomorrow. I haven’t done a test in a few months, so I am excited about the results!

Do you know your hairs porosity levels? How important is porosity? Have you done a float test?

Share your thoughts and comments below!

Tata, for now!


Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”