Is my natural hair pretty enough?


Does wearing our hair in its natural state come with insecurities? Does it make us feel less than a woman, or too bold? Do we like wearing it? Do we feel comfortable and CONFIDENT wearing it, whether its in a twist out or a massive fro’? Do we care if our man likes it? If our job likes it?

Whats the deal with all this… hair?

I was on a double date a couple weeks ago with a good friend of mine and her boyfriend, and the topic of natural hair came up. Now, my friend and I are both naturalista’s and loving it, so of course when the boys decided to bring this up, our antenna’s went up. “You know, I just think Natural Hair looks very… natural. Sometimes it can look unkept” says her boyfriend. Humph.

“Yes, I met Lizz when she had her hair straight. Thats how she got me.” said my date. Humphhhhhh.

Now, they of course were being super playful… but you know how the saying goes. Theres always a little bit of truth to every “JK.”

No honestly…My friend and I of course laughed it off. Guys were just being guys, being silly. No big deal. But the question popped into my head of, not only do guys REALLY like natural hair, but is my natural hair pretty enough? Is it curly enough? Is it beautiful enough?

2014-04-24 15.19.08


(my three day old wash and go) – kinks and all! 😉

I think as naturals, its “natural” for us to desire another hair type, or curl type or pattern. For me, when I first started my natural hair journey, I wanted to be a 3c curl type so bad. I adored the loose curls and perfectly defined coils that I thought every natural just HAD to have. I didn’t understand why, when I would do my wash and go’s, they didn’t look very curly, or why my curl pattern would be different in different parts of my hair.

I thought every single strand, curl and coil on my head had to be perfect.

I didn’t understand why, when I used certain hair products that were supposed to have “strong hold” or give me “perfect curls”, that I wasn’t looking like these curly girls. And the answer was simple… their hair is not my hair. And my hair is not theirs.

2014-04-24 19.31.04

2014-04-26 13.25.16


Me this past weekend on my wash day! Tried some new products. Will do a wash regimen post later this week. 🙂

Wearing your hair in its natural state isn’t some new phenomenon, or a “new” way to wear your hair. Its how you were born. You don’t “go natural”… you “return” to natural.

Every journey, regardless of what type of journey whether it has to do with weight loss, or overall improving your performance at a certain task or lifestyle, will include ups and downs. It will include kinks, that you may have to work out (excuse the pun) and insecurities and differences you have to overcome. But thats what makes it a journey. And a beautiful one at that.

This post is not some step by step method to overcoming insecurities, or how to make your natural hair prettier… but just to give us some encouragement and inspiration! STOP TRYING TO MAKE YOUR HAIR LOOK LIKE EVERYONE ELSES. Trust me, there is no product out there that will do such. Your hair is your hair, and for that reason, you should love it and love yourself.

What do you love about your natural hair? What makes it stand out, and set apart from other naturalista’s?

Share your thoughts and comments below!

Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”


Do you feel you have to compensate for being Natural?

Do you feel you have to compensate for being Natural?

When wearing your hair in its natural state, whether you decided big chop, rock a TWA or are transitioning, it can be tough. Lets keep it real.

Sometimes you feel as though men won’t look at you the same or you won’t attract the same TYPE of men, sometimes you feel as though you won’t be accepted in Corporate America. Maybe you feel as though people will make fun of you and view your hair as “nappy”, or you will lose friends.

There are tons of feelings and emotions that can get stirred up when wearing your hair in its natural state, mostly because of these silly preconceived notions we have adopted as women, and as a culture as BLACK WOMEN.

…Do you compensate for wearing your natural hair?

Check out this awesome post, which sheds so much insight on feeling the need to compensate with makeup, big earrings, statement pieces etc. when wearing your hair natural. Share your thoughts and comments below!

Shout out to Klassy Kinks for the shout out. 😉 Her page rocks.

Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”

ApHogee now has a Natural Hair care line entitled “Curlific!”

ApHogee now has a Natural Hair care line entitled “Curlific!”

We all know ApHoghee is known for their anti – breakage and rich in protein products for damaged hair.

NOW, they have a Natural Hair care line entitled “Curlific!”

The products include Leave in Conditioner, Curl definer, Co – wash and a “Texture treatment.”

Best believe I am placing my order NOW. Check out the line by clicking the link above, only available on! 

Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”

Check out this FLY Natural Hair Cuff Bracelet!

Check out this FLY Natural Hair Cuff Bracelet!


Naturals, how F – L – Y is this bracelet?

This accessory is in my opinion, the perfect addition to a Natural Girls accessory collection. Check it out, share your comments below & don’t forget to reblog and follow the fabulous just pearlz by following the link above.

With kinks,


Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”

Curly girls! I need your advice!


Alright, Naturals.

I have had a partial sew in installed in this “Beautiful mane” of mine for about three weeks now. So far, its been great. Its long, flowy, I have been whipping my hair back and forth in peoples faces and switching, and so far its great. BUT. I do have one thing to say: I am getting tired of it. So tired of it, yall.

My scalp itches, it feels like I am wearing a hat, and quite frankly… I miss my kinks and coils. Frizziness, dryness, and all. 😦


The dilemma I have is this: I wanted a weave for a trip I took to Florida. So, I got my weave. I did it, I got it, I loved it, I scratched my itch, and now I want it O-U-T. But naturals let me tell you… Yall KNOW weave is not cheap! Part of me really wants to get my return on investment.

So I come to you for advice! Waving my white flag!

What should I do? Should I keep it in for at LEAST another month, or should I kiss this hat goodbye?

Help a sistah’ out. Post your comments and share your thoughts below. Thanks guys!

Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”

Homemade Sulfate – Free Shampoo

Homemade Sulfate – Free Shampoo

Happy Monday, Naturals!

Just came across an article on about creating your own, DIY Homemade Sulfate – Free Shampoo.

What are some of your favorite Natural Hair DIY’s? My personal favorite is using Apple Cider Vinegar as a clarifying shampoo. Ill make a post about that soon.

Thanks! Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.”

Interesting Facts About me

So in my last blog post, I mentioned seven interesting facts about me.


Seven Interesting Facts About Me:

1. I have been drinking Starbucks espresso drinks religiously for 3 years.

2. I have been natural for a little under a year.

3. I am a Cancer.

4.  Live in Michigan, but have never been to Canada.

5. Studied theatre in NYC for a year.

6. Have been blogging on wordpress for only 2 weeks.

7. I consider weave to be a protective style: Check out the story,

Heres five more, just because!


1. Im extremely double jointed – I can bend my thumb almost to the point it touches my own wrist.

2. My favorite Natural Hair vlogger is Taren Guy — Check out more facts about her in “My natural hair inspirations” at the top of my page.

3. I am 6% Italian. LOL

4. I studied, and still currently studying Journalism at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Go Warriors!

5. I have a car named Henry.


Thanks ladies! Always remember: You are Fearfully, Wonderfully and “Beautifully mane.” :)